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My Wine Club

Dear Sun City Festival Resident
We’re pleased to announce a brand-new amenity just for members of our Sun City Festival Community. Through our partnership with, you now have FREE and Exclusive access to our private online bottle shop, enabling you to get the best wine The Indigo Grille offers from the safety and convenience of your home.  With our collaboration, you get online access to hundreds of industry-leading, brand name, all-time-iconic and specialty boutique wines and other offerings – all at less than the standard retail price.  
Just order your favorite beverages from your home and conveniently pick them up at The Indigo Grille. MyClubWine features a wide selection of several hundred different products available on the Indigo Grille Bottle Shop. Don't see anything you like? Missing one of your favorites? Just click the "Request a Product" button at the top to get what you're looking for! 
This partnership is part of our continuing commitment to safety and service. We hope you'll take advantage of this great value and use this best-in-class amenity!  
Here's how the MyClubWine partnership works:  
  1. Go to the Indigo Grille bottle shop via this customized link                                                                                                                                                                     INDIGO GRILLE BOTTLE SHOP                                                                                                                                                
  2. Log in by entering your email address and clicking on the "login" button. After you're in, you're all set and ready to shop! 
  3. If the site does not recognize your email address, we may have a different one on file. Join the Club by clicking on the "Join the Club" link, filling in your information and using store code COPPERCANAZ20 
  4. After you join, go to the email address listed and confirm your membership. 
  5. From there, you should be all set and ready to go! 
  6. Once you have placed your order you will need to come into the grille and pay for your order before the order will be shipped.
  7. We will call you and send an email once your order is in and ready for pickup. 

     Thank You, 
     Ian Phinney
     Director of Food & Beverage
     Executive Chef
     The Indigo Grille